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Healthcode submission errors

When checking or sending invoices to Healthcode, you might on occasion come across an error that prevents the invoice from being sent. This article is designed to help you decode these messages and guide you on how to resolve the problem so the invoice can be successfully submitted.  

We're here to help!

If you do come across any errors when submitting Healthcode invoices, please don't hesitate to get in touch!  While some are easy to identify, some need to be escalated to either Healthcode or the relevant insurance company. We're always happy to help you to decode what you see on screen.  

If you do need a hand, it would be really helpful if you could send a little bit of information over when you get in touch, to help us get you sorted. We'd need to know:

Which insurer you’re invoicing to
The patients WUID number - What is WUID?
The invoice number of the invoice you’re submitting
Details about the error message you're seeing. Screenshots are particularly useful here!
And, if we have your permission, to enter your site to take a look at your settings and the invoice

From here we’ll be able to help you identify the issue and whether it can be solved within WriteUpp, or whether you will need to contact Healthcode.

Errors relating to Provider number

This group of error messages indicates that your insurance provider number hasn't been "mapped" correctly as part of the setup process at Healthcode.  

It's usually pretty easily fixed by contacting Healthcode and asking them to map your provider number to the insurer in question. You can contact Healthcode on 0330 900 4900.

Errors relating to Insurer

If you see this error, you might have used the wrong 3 letter insurer identifier code. You'll be able to see the code you've entered for the insurer here:

In the above example, the identifier code should be 'ppp' and can easily be changed just by typing into the field. You can find a list of the most common identifier codes here

Errors relating to ISC codes

When checking or sending an invoice to Healthcode, you might see this error if there is a problem with the ISC code used against an item on a invoice.

You’ll be able to see the codes linked to each item on the Healthcode link screen, so if you've used the wrong code here for the insurer you're invoicing, you can easily change it using the dropdown list. 

If you're using the right ISC code for the treatment type, it might be that the ISC code you’ve used isn’t valid for the insurer, or that you aren’t associated with it for that insurer.  

You might need to contact the insurer in question to check that you are using the correct ISC code for the treatment you're invoicing, and either ask them to add the ISC code to their valid list with Healthcode or to confirm which ISC codes are already valid for submission.  

Errors relating to Procedure codes

This error tells you that there is an issue with the CCSD procedure code entered alongside the ISC code on the invoice. You might have:

not entered a procedure code where one is required
entered an incorrect code
entered a code not valid for the insurer in question

If you aren't sure which procedure code to use, this should be confirmed with the insurance company you're trying to invoice.  

Errors relating to date of service

FDOS - May not be after Today:

This error is related to the date of service, pulled through from the invoice in WriteUpp, and tells you that you’ve submitted an invoice for a treatment in the future which isn't permitted.  

An easy fix on this one though - you just need to wait until that date is past then submit the invoice!  

FDOS - Must be less than 1 year old:

Insurers have a timeframe for accepting electronic submissions through Healthcode, after which they won't be successful when submitting. If you see a message like this, the appointment or service that you are invoicing is outside of that timeframe for the insurer. For example, BUPA will not accept an invoice with a treatment date over a year ago. If you see this message, please speak directly to the insurer.

ValidToDate - May not be before latest date of service:

This error indicates that the invoice date is before the date of the appointment, which will not be accepted via Healthcode. To be able to submit the invoice, you can edit the invoice header to adjust the invoice date. Click Cancel on the Healthcode link screen to return to the invoice, and choose Edit Header at the bottom. In the Invoice date field, change the date to be either equal to or after the date of the invoice item then choose Save invoice. You should then be able to follow the steps to submit the invoice to Healthcode.

Errors relating to 'Setting'

This error is associated with invoices submitted to Healix, who ask for additional information on the treatment location to be provided.

You'll need to head to Settings -> Third Parties and edit the Healix 3rd party you have set up:

Here, you’ll need to tick the This insurer requires information about location box:

This will then generate an additional set of fields when you submit an invoice to Healix:

Which will need completed before the invoice can be submitted.  

You’ll need to enter a setting, which must be daycase or outpatient, and the treating hospital or treatment site. The admission date is also required for a daycase.    

The information required in the treating hospital field is not the hospital name, it is an 8 digit identifier number associated with the hospital or site. This is information that Healthcode can provide you with; unfortunately we don’t have access to the list here at WriteUpp.   

An unexpected error occured

This error is generally used as a bit of a "catch all" error message, informing you that something is causing the submission to fail.

In the first instance, if you see this error please go to the main menu -> Integrations & Add ons and click on Configure under Healthcode.

Click on Check Credentials, which will validate the information you have entered on this screen directly with Healthcode. If your credentials cannot be validated by Healthcode, you will see this on screen:

For more information on how to deal with this error see here.

Updated on: 09/02/2023

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