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How can I implement my cancellation policy

To implement your cancellation policy, simply follow the steps below:

Reference on your website and social media what exactly your cancellation policy is - if the information is readily available it will reduce the number of no shows

If you have the Online Booking add-on, include any cancellation information on the homepage of your Online Booking site - Read more

Include this information on ALL documentation sent out by yourself and your practice including how client's can get in touch to cancel their appointment (phone, email etc.)

Take into account what your cancellation period is when deciding on when your appointment reminders are sent out. If you require 24 hours notice then you should have your reminders sent out at least 2 days before, giving your patients ample time to cancel without incurring a fee.

Include a contact number on your appointment reminders so it's easy for patients to cancel.

This article explains how to change when your appointment reminders are sent out.

Updated on: 14/03/2023

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