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How do I submit a feature request?

Submitting your feature requests couldn't be easier! Simply log into WriteUpp, click on the icon immediately to the right of your username and click Visit Portal:

This will take you to our feature request portal, where you'll be able to submit your own request, browse requests submitted by other users and add votes and comments to these suggestions.

Submitting a feature request

To submit a feature request, enter your suggestion here: 

Select a category (if you would like), enter a title and let us know the details of your request. You've also got the option to add images if you think a visual indicator would help. 

After you've completed the fields, hit Create Request to submit it.  

Remember that other users will be able to view and vote for your suggestion, so make sure the title you use is clear and informative!  The more votes a suggestion receives, the more likely it is to be implemented

Voting on other requests

When you submit a feature request, you'll see a list of suggested posts to the right once you start entering details: 

This allows you to add votes and comments to an existing post if your feature request has already been logged. 

You can quickly and easily add your vote to a post from here, by simply clicking on the box containing the number of existing votes and an 'up' indicator:

Clicking on a post will allow you to see any additional comments or activity linked to it, and give you the opportunity to leave your own additional information.   

If your vote has been added to a request, you'll see this as a blue 'up' indicator above the number of votes against a post:

Browse other requests

You can view a list of the requests made by other users on the portal home page. You can simply scroll down the list but as there are quite a few, you may wish to use the options at the top of the list to filter them: 

You can view trending posts or sort the list by the post status:

Or view posts by category:

You can also search for a request, if you'd like to look for something specific:

Updated on: 14/03/2023

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