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How do I add a note keyword?

Note keywords are used to add categories and/or structure to your notes. The keyword appears in the 'Type' column of the Notes tab in the Patient Summary:

Note keywords are completely customisable and you can create as many keywords as you want, but you can only associate one keyword with each note.

To add extra keywords...

Click on the main menu (top left) and go to Fields under Settings & Tools.

Then select the Note Keywords tab and click the blue +Add button:

Give your new keyword a name and choose a number under Order (this defines where it will appear in your list of note keywords). Press Save when you are happy:

You don't have to add your own ordering to your list of keywords; it is just there as an option, to make it easier for you to select more commonly used keywords when creating a note. The keyword set as '1', will be the default keyword. If you choose not to order your note keywords, they will be ordered alphabetically.

You will see the new keyword in the list:

And be able to select it within Create -> Note when creating a new note, or when editing an existing note:

Updated on: 23/11/2023

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