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How do I add a patient to a list?

Patients can be added to a list from two places:

The Patient tab of the Patient Summary
The dropdown menu of the Active Patient button

Patient Summary

In the Patient tab of the Patient Summary, click on Edit Details to open the record in an editable state:

Scroll to the Lists section, where you'll see the names of all the lists you have defined in WriteUpp.

Create new lists under Settings -> More -> Lists:

Tick the boxes of any lists you'd like to add the patient to, then click Save Changes:

The updated patient summary will show any lists the patient is now a member of:

Active Patient Button

The Active Patient dropdown menu shows any lists the patient is a member of, along with a shortcut to add a patient to any list.

If you only have one list set up,  you'll see a shortcut to add the patient directly to that list:

Click this link to add the patient to the waiting list. You'll then be taken to the list with the patient added:

If you have multiple lists set up, you'll see an 'Add to Lists' shortcut:

Clicking on this link will open a page displaying all of the lists you have set up.  From here you can choose which list you would like to add the patient to:

If the patient is already a member of any lists, you have the option to remove them from this page too:

Updated on: 03/05/2023

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