To add a “Pay Link” or “Pay Button” variable to your invoice footer:

Go to Settings -> Invoice

Scroll down to the Invoice Footer section and click in the editor where you want to insert the link or button

Click on the variables button in the editor toolbar and scroll down until you find “Pay Link” or “Pay Button” and click on the variable that you want to add to your footer.

If you select “Pay Link” it will insert the ##PAY_INVOICE_LINK## variable into your invoice footer and this will appear as a link on your invoice with the text “Pay via Stripe”. This text is not configurable.

If you select “Pay Button” it will insert the ##PAY_INVOICE_BUTTON## variable into your invoice footer and this will appear as a blue button on your invoice with the text “PAY VIA STRIPE”. This button is not configurable.

Below are examples of the Pay Link and Pay Button in the invoice footer:

The same variables can also be inserted into your invoice email templates but cannot be used elsewhere in WriteUpp

When your client clicks on the "Pay via Stripe" link or button they will be taken to a page that looks like this:

The logo displayed on this page is the logo specified in Settings->Invoice. The content of this page is not configurable.

Your client will need to enter their details, including:

Email Address - in case you need to contact them regarding the payment
Postal Address - required by most debit/credit card providers. To make this is quick and straightforward as possible for your clients we have included an address lookup feature
Card Number
Expiry Date
CVC Number

Once your client has paid they will be taken to the following page:

Important: the ##PAY_INVOICE_LINK## and ##PAY_INVOICE_BUTTON## variables are only visible if you have connected a Stripe account and can only be used in the invoice footer and the invoice email template.
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