You can mark an Invoice as Paid from a number of places:

From the Invoice

Open up the Invoice by selecting it from the Account tab of the Patient Summary, or one of the lists in the Finance View

Click the Pay in Full button at the bottom of the page

When you select Pay in Full, you will be taken to the Payment Information screen:

Select a Payment Date

Select a Payment Type. If you would like to amend or add a payment type please follow the steps here - How do I set up a payment type?

Add any Payment Comments

Once you are complete, click Save

From the Accounts tab of the Patient Summary

You can also click on the Pay button next to an Invoice in the Accounts tab of the Patient Summary. This will take you through to the Payment Information screen to carry out the steps noted above:

From the Diary List View

Once an invoice has been generated for an appointment, this is indicated in the List view using this symbol:

Select this symbol to take you to the invoice to mark the invoice as paid. This symbol will turn green when it is marked as paid and red when it is marked as bad debt.

Implications of Marking an Invoice As Paid

To comply with Audit requirements, it is not possible to amend an Invoice once it has been marked as Paid.  

If an invoice is incorrect (prior to payment) you can delete it and start again.

To delete an invoice, open it up and click on the trash icon at the bottom right hand side of the page.

If you do need to amend an invoice once it has been marked as paid, you will first need to remove the payment information -> How do I edit an Invoice that has been marked as Paid?

Marking an invoice as bad debt

Marking an invoice as bad debt can be done by accessing the invoice itself, and clicking on the Bad Debt button at the bottom of the screen. Once you click on Bad Debt, the invoice will be marked as such immediately, and a marker placed at the top of it to reflect that:

Once an invoice has been marked as a bad debt, the only way to remove the marker is to pay it in full.

If you mark an invoice as bad debt in error, you can mark it as paid in full (even if it isn't!) to remove the bad debt marker, and then delete the payment information straight away. This will revert the invoice back to simply not paid.
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