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How do I connect my WriteUpp account to Xero?

For a step by step guide on how to set up your Xero Export, please click here

Connecting to Xero allows you to export your invoices to Xero directly from within WriteUpp.  Previously, you had to manually export a file from WriteUpp, manipulate it and manually import it into Xero with all the challenges that this presented.

This one-way export essentially re-creates a WriteUpp invoice in Xero for you.

To get started, open the Main Menu and choose Integrations & Add Ons then click on Configure underneath Xero Accounts.

Next, click on the "Connect to Xero" button: 

Then you'll be asked to either sign in to your existing Xero account or create a new account, and confirm that you'd like to allow WriteUpp to connect to your Xero account.

Once you've done this, you'll be taken back to WriteUpp and see confirmation that WriteUpp is connected to Xero. You will also see information on mapping accounts, tax rate and contacts to configure the Xero export, which is covered in more detail here:

Once you're connected to Xero, there a few things you'll need to configure before you can start seamlessly exporting your invoices, which you can read about here.

Updated on: 09/08/2022

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