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How do I merge duplicate Patients?

If you have duplicate records for the same Patient in WriteUpp, you can use the Patient Merge functionality to combine the two records. Unlike Patient Delete, this will transfer all Patient Demographics, Notes, Assessments, Appointments, Tasks, Invoices, Documents and Attachments onto another Patient, so none are lost.

To Merge Duplicate Patients:

First ensure that your Active Patient is the patient that you want to merge

Click on the menu in the top left and select Tools from the drop-down menu (NOTE: This option is available to Site Administrators only):

On the Tools page, click on Merge Patient:

Click the blue Create New Patient Merge button at the bottom of the page

Next to the Patient you wish to merge your Active Patient with, click on the green Merge button

You will be taken to a page where you will see the two Patients listed side-by-side:

You will be required to select a "Winner" and a "Loser". All the appointments, notes, assessments, tasks, files, invoices and discharges attached to the "Loser" will be moved to the "Winner". Any open episodes of care associated with the Loser will be discharged. The "Loser" will then be deleted.

To switch Winner and Loser, click on the Switch button

Once the patient merge is complete, the Loser is deleted. Although none of the files attached to their record will be lost, as they'll transer over to the Winner, the Loser will still be deleted and this cannot be undone. Perform all patient merges with care.

Once you are happy, click on the Merge button and confirm by clicking 'OK' when prompted 'Are you sure you want to merge these patients? This cannot be undone'

Your merge request will then be queued for completion:

The status will change to complete once the patients have been merged:

You will also receive a notification when the patient merge has finished, if you have this set up:

Read How do I manage my notifications to learn how to manage patient merge notifications

Updated on: 19/09/2023

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