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How do I handle part payment from an insurer when an invoice is submitted via Healthcode

This article explains what you should do if an insurer part pays your invoice submitted via Healthcode. This most often happens when the insurer deducts the policyholder's insurance excess, which it expects you to collect directly from them.

When you send an invoice to Healthcode, you typically raise the invoice for the full amount due. There may be exceptions to this but in our experience, this is generally what happens.

Once the insurer has paid the invoice, we can't automatically verify (via Healthcode) how much has been paid, so you still need to manually mark the invoice as "part paid" or "paid in full" in WriteUpp. You would typically do this after you have checked your bank records or remittance advice from the insurer. 

If the insurer has part paid your invoice, for example the full amount of the invoice less any excess, you can mark this on the invoice in WriteUpp as "part paid" -> Adding part payments to an invoice. Then you can request payment from the client for any outstanding monies.

If the insurer pays in full, you can mark the invoice as "paid in full" in WriteUpp -> How do I mark an invoice as paid or bad debt?

Updated on: 09/02/2023

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