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How do we handle feature requests?

If you're reading this article, it's likely that you've been kind enough to take the time to make a feature request, or you're considering making one, which is fab!

We believe each request submitted is a valuable opportunity to understand how we can improve the product we provide you with, so we've made it super simple to submit a feature request from within WriteUpp, using an interactive feature request portal.  

This portal, hosted by Canny, allows you to:

Submit a feature request
Browse other people's requests
Add votes and comments to these suggestions

When using the portal, we would ask that you please:

Only provide feature requests via this channel
Include one feature request per post
Keep your requests factual, polite and non confrontational

Team WriteUpp monitor the requests being added to the portal and reserve the right to edit or remove inappropriate or unhelpful comments and posts.

Inappropriate use of the feature request portal may result in access to it being removed from a user at our discretion. If you have any problems, please direct these to the team directly

Support requests should still be handled through live chat or as normal. 

Why make a feature request?

Taking the time to have your say means that you, the WriteUpp community, can help us to shape the future of WriteUpp.

Handling these requests within the portal not only provides you with a level of transparency over the requests we receive, but it also makes it easier for us to identify the features that will really make a difference.  

Just to be clear, we cannot guarantee that every request we receive will be built into WriteUpp and we cannot provide any timescales. We have thousands of WriteUpp users and we simply can’t implement everything that is asked of us - that doesn't fit with our efforts to ensure WriteUpp remains simple and effective!

Once your feature request has been posted, other WriteUpp users will be able to view and vote on it, and even add their own comments to support your idea. Simply put, the more votes a suggestion receives, the more likely it is to be implemented! 

The next steps

These days our release policy is little and often, so we try to release a new version of WriteUpp for you every month, with each release containing somewhere in the region of 15-20 tickets. The time period between releases might be more or less depending on how much is involved in the release.   

Our releases contain a mix of new features, improvements and bug fixes, and occasionally background changes designed to improve WriteUpp's overall performance and stability.  

During our release cycle, we map out what we'll address in each release. Therefore, we regularly review the requests in the portal, to identify new features and improvements we could bring to WriteUpp. 

As we do this, we'll change the status of the post within the portal, so you know where in the process requests are up to. These statuses are: 

Open - No decision has been made yet. Users can add votes and information for us to the post, allowing us to assess demand for the suggestion.
Under Review - The team is considering the request or investigating how we might handle it. We're keeping an eye on it, but haven't formalised a decision yet.
Planned - We've added the request to our roadmap! We're busy plotting out how we'll implement it and how it might look.
In Progress - The request has been moved into a release and we're actively working on bringing it together.
Complete - An easy one. We've released the request as part of WriteUpp, and it's all thanks to you!
Closed - Perhaps not a popular addition but an important one. If we receive a request and we know it's just not something we'll address, we'll let you know and we'll explain our thinking.

When a request is either Planned, In Progress or Complete, you'll be able to view it on our Roadmap, providing you with a visual guide on what the team are working on and what you can expect to see over the coming months. This doesn't mean that the team here won't have any input into what makes WriteUpp great. We've still got plenty of ideas on how we can help you streamline your practice, but with many thousands of users in nearly 30 countries, we believe the WriteUpp community has an important role to play over the coming months and years.  

We spend just about every waking minute (and some when we should be sleeping) thinking of new ways to make WriteUpp simpler and more useful, without making it more complex. Your feedback motivates us to re-think, re-design and re-simplify.

Hopefully, you can see how the information you provide will directly influence the improvements we make to WriteUpp. Our aim is to use this collaborative process to build a user driven product, designed first and foremost for you and your practice.

Updated on: 14/02/2023

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