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How do I switch a notification off?

Within WriteUpp there are a number of events you can choose to be notified about, but what if there's something that you don't need or want to see listed in your notifications?

Easy! You can choose not to show any notifications that aren't relevant. To do this:

Click on your username at the top right of your screen

Choose Manage from the top of the notification dropdown that appears

In the list of events, tick the box listed under the Don't show column for any notifications that you don't want to see:

Once you're done, click on Save at the bottom of the screen to save the changes

Anything you mark as Don't show will no longer appear in your notification dropdown. If you decide at a later date that you would like to be notified about something again, simply remove the tick from the Don't show column and notifications for that event will resume.

Updated on: 13/03/2023

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