Pre-payment is a great way to reduce DNA's (if this is a problem for you) and to improve cashflow.

To start taking pre-payments when your clients book online you need to connect Square (UK only) or Stripe to WriteUpp. The following articles explain how you do this:

How do I connect Stripe to WriteUpp so that I can take online payments?

Guide to the Square integration

You will not be able to activate pre-payment in Online Booking unless you have connected Square/Stripe to your WriteUpp account.

Once you have connected Square/Stripe to WriteUpp please follow these steps:

Login to the Online Booking Admin Area

Click on Settings:

Scroll down the page to Payment and slide the switch to the right so that it goes green:

Click on Save & Publish

OPTIONAL - we would strongly recommend that you clearly display price information throughout the site so that your clients know exactly what they are going to be charged before they enter their payment details. To adjust price visibility throughout online booking please take a look at the article below:

How do I control price visibility in online booking?

OPTIONAL - as a result of activating pre-payment you may wish to modify the Welcome Heading and Welcome Text on the homepage of online booking to let your clients know that they will need a credit/debit card to confirm their booking. To modify this text please take a look at the article below:

How do I change the welcome heading and text on the homepage of online booking?
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