Coming soon! Square Integration is still in development and is not yet widely available within WriteUpp. We'll let you know when it is, so watch this space!

To use the Square integration, you first of all need to connect WriteUpp to your Square account.

Only users with the role of Site administrator will be able to connect WriteUpp to a Square account

To connect a Square account:

Open the main menu and select Integrations & Add Ons

Click on Configure within the Square section

Click on Connect my Square account:

If you are already connected to Stripe, you'll see a message on screen confirming that Stripe will be disconnected. Please confirm Yes to continue:

Stripe and Square cannot be connected at the same time, you will need to use one or the other

Follow the steps on screen to complete the connection process

Enter the email address and password for your Square account and click on Sign In:

You'll be asked to allow WriteUpp access to your Square account and the actions listed. These are the permissions WriteUpp needs to be able to send transactions through to your Square account:

If this is denied, we won't be able to connect to your account.

Once access has been allowed, you'll be taken back to WriteUpp and will see on screen that WriteUpp is connected to Square:

If you make any changes to the email address or password you use to log in to Square, you will need to renew your connection via WriteUpp. If you experience any problems with Square, you can also reconnect on this screen.

If we detect that anything has happened to disrupt your connection to Square, we'll send you a notification to let you know, that looks like this:

If you see this notification, click on Edit settings within the notification to head back to this set up page and reconnect your account.

Once you're connected to Square, you can start pairing your terminal(s) and confirming your online payment location.
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