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How do I unblock my account?

As a commercial business, we need to be paid for the services that we provide. Like you, we have overheads to cover and staff to pay. We have no desire to disrupt your business, so if you're reading this article we will have given you a number of opportunities to sort out payment. Unfortunately, as we've not heard back from you, we have regrettably had to block your account.

To unblock your account follow these steps:

Check that your PayPal account is set up correctly
Make sure that the payment mechanism associated with your PayPal account is set up correctly, in particular you should check to see if:

Your card details are correct or have changed
Your current card linked to PayPal has expired
Your card has been barred or blocked by your bank due to suspected fraudulent activity on your account as a result of theft etc.
There is a mis-match between new/existing card and new/existing address
There is a mis-match between profile phone number and your business phone number
There are sufficient funds to make the payment

Log into WriteUpp - your login credentials will still work, you just won't be able to access your data
Go to Settings then Account Details
Select the number of users that you need
Click on "Update Subscription"
Follow the PayPal payment process

This process will cancel your previous PayPal profile which we are unable to take payment from and create a new one using your updated payment details.

Please Note: At this stage simply updating your card details in PayPal will not resolve the issue. You also need to complete steps 3-7 above

IMPORTANT: If we don't hear from you within 14 days, your client data will be erased and your account will be closed.

Updated on: 14/03/2023

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