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How do you handle packages?

There is no explicit functionality in WriteUpp to deal with packages, like "6 Sessions for £200". However, a partial workaround (using this example) is to do the following:

Create six appointment types as follows:

Read How do I add an Appointment Type? for help with this

Initial (Package 1 of 6) - Cost £200
Follow-up (Package 2 of 6) - Cost £0
Follow-up (Package 3 of 6) - Cost £0
Follow-up (Package 4 of 6) - Cost £0
Follow-up (Package 5 of 6) - Cost £0
Follow-up (Package 6 of 6) - Cost £0

Doing it this way, you can book in the first session and produce an invoice. Thereafter, each subsequent appointment in the package has no charge. You can add the cost/costs to any of the appointments types in the 'package'.

At any time you can see what the last appointment was (i.e where the client is up to in the package) by going to the Patient Summary and clicking on the Appointments tab.

Updated on: 02/02/2023

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