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How do I add an Appointment Type?

Appointment types are used when booking appointments into your diary. You can set up as many appointment types as you need, with different default durations and associated costs, to help manage your bookings.

To add an Appointment Type:

Go to Settings -> Scheduling -> Appointment Types and click on Create New Appointment Type

Complete the fields displayed:

You'll need to enter:
A name, for example 'Initial Appointment'
A type, either a Patient Appointment (i.e. Consultation), a Non-Patient Appointment (i.e. Meeting) or both
The duration of the appointment in minutes (which will determine the length of the appointment in the Diary)
An optional buffer time, which extends the length of the appointment in your diary to leave a gap between appointments
The cost associated with the appointment and if it is a Fixed rate or Hourly rate
If the appointment type is your default appointment type (there can only be 1 default appointment)
If it's a video appointment to take place via WriteUpp's video consultation platform (If you use an external video service, e.g Zoom, leave this as no)
An optional ISC code, if relevant (required if you have Healthcode set up)
The locations at which the appointment will be available, if you've got multiple locations enabled (this will be important for Online Booking). Click the blue 'Edit...' link to edit locations.
The users who will offer the treatment, if you have more than one user within your site (again important for Online Booking). Remember to tick some resources (users) for the new appointment, as none are ticked by default!

Click Save

The new appointment type will then be available to book into your diary via both your desktop WriteUpp site, and the WriteUpp app.

You can also enable it for online booking, if required.

Updated on: 26/06/2023

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