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How to use the HTML Text Editor

The HTML editor is used in a number of places throughout your WriteUpp site. It is used for composing notes, documents and messages or when editing things like your Invoice Footer in settings.

In this article, we will go through the tools available to use in this editor and how they work.


Use the format tool to edit your text. There are 6 heading size options, with 1 being the largest. There are also quote and code options. Normal text is selected by default.

Simply select the desired tool and then type your text or format it after by highlighting the text and selecting the tool.

Bold, italic, underline and strikethrough:

Use these to style your text.


You have the option to add an ordered (with numbers) or unordered list (bullet points) using this tool


Indent will move the text away from the margin and outdent brings it back towards the margin.

Insert table:

Add a table to the editor using this tool. Also use this tool to edit the table, such as to add more rows/columns or to delete them.

You can add a link by selecting Insert link. Add the URL and any text you would like the link to appear as and press Insert.


This simply adds a line. This may be used to break up text/sections


Align options include left, right, centre and justify.


You have a number of font options to choose from here.


Font size is measured in px but don’t worry about this, it still works in the same way - the bigger the number, the bigger the text!

Text color:

You can choose to edit the colour of the text or add a highlight colour to it. There are 66 colours to choose from!


Variables can be added to your text editor, which will then be populated from what you have saved for that variable in your WU site. For example, adding the Name variable will populate the editor with the active patient’s full name.

There are many variables available to add and these may vary depending on where you are using the text editor in WriteUpp. Have a play but if you get stuck don’t hesitate to grab us for a chat!

Insert image:

Select this tool and click the blue Choose Image button to select an image from your computer. Select the size and upload the image. It will then appear in the editor. Edit the image or delete it by clicking on it.

Please note, you cannot edit the size once the image has been uploaded; you will have to delete it and start again to do this.


Use this to increase the size of the editor to fill the screen. Press it again to go back to the original size.

Please note, you cannot add images or annotations in fullscreen. Reduce the size back to do this.

Insert annotation:

There are 16 preset images available to select here, along with two blank images which you can edit. Selecting an image will take you to a screen where you can annotate it. There are many tools available to annotate the image. Once you are happy, press OK and the image along with your annotations will be added to the editor.

Insert phonetic symbol

There are many symbols to choose from here. Select the one you want to add, edit it using the tools at the top and press insert.

The HTML text editor may have many features similar to Word, but it does not work in the same way. Therefore, it can take some getting used to but once you are familiar with it, it can be used to format your text in all kinds of ways!

Updated on: 01/02/2023

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