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My appointment types are showing incorrectly in online booking, how can I change this?

When configuring online booking, you might notice that the appointment types that appear are different to the appointment types you have set up in WriteUpp.  

This can occur if you have modified your appointment names within WriteUpp in Settings -> Scheduling -> Appointment Types. Any changes made to appointment types in WriteUpp are not pulled through into Online Booking. 

If you change the name of an appointment within WriteUpp, you will also have to manually change the name within Online Booking. 

To do this:

Open the online booking admin area of Online booking -> How do I access the admin area of online booking?

Choose treatments:

Here you will see the name of the appointment type, as it appears in WriteUpp, to the right of the appointment name (if they differ):

To change the appointment type as it is displayed in online booking, click on it and edit the Display Name:

You'll then see the edited name on your list of treatments:

Updated on: 02/08/2022

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