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The benefits of Video Consultation

Video Consultations and the ability to connect remotely to your patients has been thrust firmly into the spotlight in recent times. The COVID-19 outbreak has drastically changed the way many clinicians need to work, and quickly at that.

Our fully integrated video consultation technology uses one-time, secure connections hosted fully within WriteUpp, offering you the control and protection that you need as a clinician. It offers a host of benefits to both you and your patients, including:

Location independence – Video consultation negates the need to be near your patients, or to see them in a physical location. You can work with patients anywhere in the world from a device of your choice, subject to timezones, expanding the pool of potential patients you can offer your services to
Increased appointment capacity – Offering remote sessions may increase your capacity for appointments by removing preparation time before and after appointments. There would be no turnaround time in a treatment room for patients, and no travel time if you offer home visits
Reduced waiting times - Location independence and increased appointment capacity should significantly increase choice and as a result, the length of time that patients are prepared to wait. This, in turn, is likely to create an expectation that treatment should be more or less immediate.
Improved experience – For many patients, the opportunity to have a video consultation should offer more convenience and access, removing the need for them to travel to a clinic location unless they choose to do so
Lower operating costs – Whilst many practitioners may want to retain a physical clinic location, many may not. If you choose to operate from home or a shared workspace, this may result in lower overheads for running your practice
Lower (not low!) costs for patients – reduced overheads and the potential to tap into a much broader market may have the effect of driving down costs as competitive pressures increase

The increased use of Video Consultations looks likely to lead to a more permanent change in working habits and the way clinicians interact with their patients. Even traditionally hands-on disciplines like physiotherapy and podiatry are adapting to the "new normal" and implementing video sessions.

We're not saying that this is a replacement for face-to-face treatment, but perhaps it's paving the way for a more flexible offering in the future, combining the ease of remote video appointments with hands on treatment when necessary.

If you're not convinced, take a look at this video by Dianne Ashcroft at Potty Purple Pod. It explores how she as a podiatrist has implemented video consultations to ensure she can still care for her patients while being unable to see them in clinic.

To get set up with video consultations in WriteUpp, you can follow the Getting started with Video Consultations guide for everything you need to know!

Updated on: 21/06/2022

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