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Getting started with Video Consultations

Video consultations are designed to provide you with a simple, secure way of conducting video calls with your clients, from anywhere, on any device. Fully embedded within WriteUpp, it offers a whole host of benefits to both you and your clients, with no need for any additional software or logins.

This guide will give you an overview of how to get video consultations up and running within WriteUpp. Split into a few sections, we'll look at:
Setting up - Things to do before booking any video consultations
Appointments and bookings - How to book and manage your video consultations
Managing the consultation - A look at preparing for, starting and managing a video consultation
General information - Some useful information relating to browser requirements, equipment, troubleshooting and security

Setting up

IMPORTANT: To help you get started with video consultations we've provided you with 1000 FREE video minutes so there's no need to purchase any until you're running low
Before booking any video consultations, there are a few things you'll need to set up:
Purchase video minutes - to enable you to hold video appointments within WriteUpp
Create your video appointment types - to identify which appointments are to be conducted by video
Configure your video appointment communications - to seamlessly provide your clients with both the details of their appointment and their secure video access link
Manage your availability for video consultations - an optional step that allows you to define when in your diary video consultations can be booked

Appointments and bookings

In this section, we'll cover how you can book video appointments into your diary, and how to manage your video consultations:
Booking video consultations into your diary - a look at booking video consultations into your diary
Changing existing appointments to video consultations - if you've been using an external video service, this article will help you get these switched over to use the embedded video consultation functionality
Video consultations and online booking - if you use online booking, get set up to offer your video consultations via your select+book site
Enhanced security for video consultations - an optional setting to enable two-factor authentication when a patient joins their video consultation

Test it yourself! Before using video consultations with a client for the first time, we'd recommend trying it out with a test client as a practice run. This will allow you to get a feel for the video screens, check your browser settings and allow your browser access to your camera and microphone

Managing the consultation

Once you've completed the set up step, take a look at what both you and your clients will see before, during and after a video session:
Preparing for a video consultation - how you as a clinician can access and prepare for a video consultation
Manually sending a video link to a client - how to capture and send a video link to a client
Starting a video consultation - how to begin your video consultation when you're ready
During a video consultation - a look at what you'll see during a video session and the controls available to you
Concluding a video consultation - how to end a video call after the session has finished
Video consultations - a guide for clients - covering what clients can expect to see from receiving their video link through to the conclusion of the session

General Information

We've also gathered some useful information below on browsers, equipment and troubleshooting:
Video consultation browser requirements - covers which browsers are supported on various systems
Equipment required for video consultations - takes a look at what you and your clients need access to for the best possible experience
Troubleshooting your video consultation setup - should help you with any issues when you are setting up your video consultations or preparing for a call. It might also be useful as a checklist to work though if you are testing the process!
Troubleshooting during a video consultation - designed to help you work through any performance issues you experience during a video consultation.
Video consultations and security - some information about the video consultation platform and security

You can also check out the frequently asked questions for additional information. Alternatively, you can grab us on live chat for anything else you need to know!

Updated on: 17/06/2022

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