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User Roles & Types

In WriteUpp, a user can have one of four roles. Roles are assigned when you create/invite a new user but they can also be changed under Settings -> Users.

How do I change someones user role

The attributes of the roles are as follows:

Site Administrator

The site administrator is typically the person responsible for the practice and/or WriteUpp. As such, the site administrator has full access to all of the Settings within WriteUpp and all data held within WriteUpp. Additionally, the Administrator is the only person that can create/invite new users and subscribe/unsubscribe.

If you are the practice owner or the only person set up on the site, you should not change your role from Administrator

Privileged User

The privileged user (typically a clinician) has access to all clinical data (including Billing data) in the system but they are unable to change anything other than their own settings (My Settings).

Regular User

A regular user has the same access rights as a privileged user, however they are unable to see any financial data in the system. This means that they don't have access to any of the financial data in the business views and being a non-administrator, they don't have access to the costs associated with different appointment types.

Restricted user

The restricted user is designed for users that need to undertake administrative tasks in the system (like booking appointments and entering client details). They do not have access to clinical or financial data. As such, this role is often granted to receptionists or outsource telephone answering services.

Restricted Users Can:

Book Patients into their Diary and the Diary of others
Create Patient Records
Create Tasks for themselves and others
Create Documents for Patients
Upload Attachments for Patients
View Patient Demographics, Tasks, Documents and Attachments created by other users
View the Patients and Tasks sections of the Business Views

Restricted Users Cannot:

View or Create Notes
View or Create Assessments
Discharge Patients
View or Create Invoices
Access the Settings
View the Finance and Activity sections of the Business Views

If you are the ONLY Administrator in your site DO NOT change your role to Privileged/Regular/Restricted User

Updated on: 03/04/2023

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