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Where can my Clients find out more information on their Clinician?

Choosing a clinician can be a daunting process for some clients and often they want to find out more information about the person that will be treating them before they book.

This article explains where you can add additional information about your clinicians and where your clients can find this.

For users with the Online Booking add-on only

Adding information about your clinicians

Go the admin area for your Online Booking page
Enhance the Clinician/User information that has been pulled through from WriteUpp by adding things like a bio, contact details and a profile picture - this article explains more -> How do I enter information about me or my team?

Where can my clients find this information?

When your client selects the 'See our Availability' button, they will be taken to your schedule. To see more information about the therapist providing the treatment, your client can select the 'More Info' link which is highlighted below:

 The following text box will appear when they select this:

You can also add information about the location of the appointment. Read How do I enter information about my locations? for more information on this.

Updated on: 30/03/2023

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