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What are notifications?

Notifications are part of a communication mechanism in WriteUpp to ensure that you are fully aware of important information that relates to you and your practice.

We see notifications as a great way to present up-to-the-minute, business critical information.

Notifications can be accessed by clicking on your name at the top right hand side of the page:

The number to the left of your username indicates how many unread notifications you have.  

Notifications provide alerts about the following information:

Completed access request
Online booking appointment made
Appointment arrived
Video appointment arrived
An appointment booked for you by another user
Consent granted by email
Direct message read
Completed data export
Bulk deletion of Invoices complete
Internal Messages from Colleagues
Completed patient delete
Completed patient merge
Stripe payment received
Smart form completed
Overdue Tasks
Complete Xero export

System Messages, these include:

Low text credit warning
Low video minutes warning
System Maintenance
Triggered email failed (like a confirmation or reminder)
Appointment SMS not sent

News Messages, these include:

New Features in WriteUpp
New Articles about Practice Management that may be of interest

You can choose what you'd like to be notified about and how by clicking on your username and then Manage.

Updated on: 13/03/2023

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