The caseload view is designed to provide you with a quick way to view your entire caseload organised by:

Open Episodes - clients that you are treating at present that have not been discharged
Closed Episodes - clients that have been discharged
No Episode - clients that have been added to the system but no action has yet been taken with them

It is accessed by opening the main menu at the top left of your screen and choosing Caseload from the options under the Business Views section.

From here, you'll be able to filter by Open, Closed or No episodes, and view information on the clients included in each filter, including:

which clinician or member of your team saw the client last
when the client's last appointment was
when the client's next appointment is

Caseload is sorted by Create Date, where this is defined as the date when the client was added to WriteUpp.

Please note that clients with no "create date" were added to WriteUpp before we started capturing the date that the record was created.

Note: The Caseload view is populated overnight, so won't include any clients created, opened or closed on the day you are viewing the information. You'll see a note at the top of the view to indicate when it was last updated. For a time, you'll have access to the older real-time Caseload view towards the top right of the screen. If you have a large number of clients in your site, the old caseload view report may not load for you. We'd suggest using the current view!
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