The caseload view is designed to provide you with a quick way to view your entire caseload organised by:
All Episodes - A view of all client episodes
Open Episodes - A view of open episodes with a filter by episode created date
Closed Episodes - A view of closed episodes with a filter by discharge date
New Episodes - A view of client episodes created in the past 24 hours with a filter by client created date
No Episode - A view of clients who have been created but have had no action undertaken as yet

It is accessed by opening the main menu at the top left of your screen and choosing Caseload from the options under the Business Views section.

From here, you'll be able to view each tab and the information it contains. The information provided will be different for each view.

The views for All Episodes, Open Episodes and Closed Episodes are 'snapshot' views, which means that this information is compiled once a day and does not run 'live'. These views therefore won't include any clients created, opened or closed on the day you are viewing the information. You can see the last updated date and time listed underneath the tabs:

By default, the caseload views are sorted by Create Date, where this is defined as the date when the client was added to WriteUpp. You can however sort the information displayed on any of the tabs by the blue column headings.

Please note that clients with no "create date" were added to WriteUpp before we started capturing the date that the record was created.

You can also export each of the views to CSV at the bottom of the screen for further manipulation if required.
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