If you're reading this article you're probably wondering why we only provide assistance online. Here's our thinking:

We know how daunting technology can be so we built our business from the ground up around offering simple, no nonsense service. You can contact us 24/7 via email or live chat and during working hours (9am - 5.30pm GMT), you should normally receive a response within an hour. This means you can contact us when it works for you and when you’ve got a few moments to explain what you want or need.

Every bit of evidence we have seen indicates that jotting down your question(s) rather than verbalising them tends to result in better outcomes. Yes, it may take a little longer but by virtue of writing down the question or problem, you frame it more precisely which means that we can help you quicker and get you up and running with less hassle.

Everyone in the business is required to participate in support. We took this decision because we wanted the whole team to get exposure to the real issues that face modern practitioners. This way we develop better, more useful software. To facilitate this your enquiry comes into our Help Desk and is automatically routed to whoever is handling support at that moment based on their skillset and workload.

As we’re a distributed team operating in different countries, we embrace web-based and mobile technologies. By submitting your question online via our Help Desk it can be instantaneously routed and responded to by a member of the team regardless of their location.

To keep the cost of WriteUpp as low as possible we attempt to be as streamlined as possible. When you log a support ticket that requires a coding fix, this is automatically routed from our Help Desk to our development platform where each development task that we undertake is tracked and documented.

Communicating via email allows you (and us) to see the complete history of the problem so that if you need to go back and get clarification on a particular point or reference an article it’s all there for you

Please be assured that we’re not being awkward or difficult. We fundamentally believe that this is the right thing to do for you, for our team and for the long-term success of our business.

If you're still unconvinced please just give it a try by emailing support@writeupp.com or grabbing one of the team on live chat either here, from www.writeupp.com or from within your WriteUpp account
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