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Applying a discount code in online booking

If you'd like patients to be able to use a discount code when booking and paying for their appointments online, you'll firstly need to do 2 things:

Create a discount code

Give your patient the discount code you'd like them to use

Once the patient has the code, they'll be able to book and pay for their appointment online with the discount code taken into account.

After selecting an appointment via online booking, patients enter the discount code on the personal details screen in the fields highlighted below...

With client validation off:

With client validation on:

The code entered here must match the code as it is set up within your WriteUpp account. If a code is incorrectly entered, or doesn't match an active discount code, patients will see a message on screen informing them that the code is invalid:

Once the correct code has been entered, the patient will be able to move on to the payment screen by clicking Next. Here they'll see the cost of the appointment taking into account the discount and any VAT due.

They can then make the payment and confirm their appointment as normal. Back in WriteUpp, the invoice for the appointment will be generated and saved for you. The invoice will display any discount given.

Discount codes can only be applied in online booking if you have appointment prepayment turned on. If you don't have payment turned on, just apply the discount to the appointment when you invoice it in WriteUpp. If you don't take payment in online booking, you might like to use your welcome message to ask patients to add any voucher codes to the comments field.

Bear in mind that the total payable by your patient (including the discount and any tax due) may be affected by the manner in which you choose to calculate discount. You can read more about calculating discounts here.

When using discount codes via online booking, they shouldn't be used to cover the full cost of an appointment, as the prepayment system we use has a minimum payment value. If a discount code is applied in online booking which takes the cost of the appointment to £0, the patient won't be able to proceed past the payment screen. Discount codes in online booking are designed for appointments where the client would still have a balance to pay for the session.

Updated on: 09/02/2023

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