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Can a client make changes once a Smart Form is saved?

Put simply, no. 

Once a client hits Save at the bottom of a Smart Form, they'll be asked to confirm that they would like to submit the form by clicking on Continue:

They'll be able to click on Cancel to return to their form but if they choose to continue, the form is then saved to the Forms/Assessments tab of the Client Summary and the client cannot make any further changes from their end. 

The content of the form will be autosaved as the client completes it online, before they manually save the information. If for any reason they have to stop for a period of time, they should be able to return to the access code screen, re-enter the same code and continue where they left off. This will only be possible if they have not already saved and submitted the form.

Important ⬇️
If a smart form is sent without an access code then autosave will not be present for security reasons when the recipient is completing the form. This means that any progress the recipient makes will not be saved as they go, and information will not be retained between sessions to allow them to return to a form before submitting it. If they lose their internet signal, they will lose the information entered and have to start again.
For that reason, we recommend using either SMS or email access codes where possible when sending smart forms.

If the client clicks the link within their email after they have already completed and saved the Smart Form,  they'll be taken to the end screen displaying the confirmation that it has been completed.

Updated on: 06/12/2022

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