Yes, you can. 

Once a client has completed a Smart Form in the portal and hit Save, the completed Smart Form will be saved to the Forms/Assessments tab of the Client Summary.  You'll be able to identify a form completed by a client as their name will appear in the Completed By column.

Click on the name of the form in the Type column to open it, and you'll see the data entered by the client on the portal.

From here, you can add or edit any of the fields.

Once you have saved your changes, clicking on the View History icon at the bottom of the page will bring up the History modal, with entries corresponding to both the original form completed and the latest version just saved:

If you have Auto-lock turned on, the completed form will be locked 24 hours after the patient saves it. This means that if you review the information more than 24 hours after the patient completes it, a site administrator will need to unlock it before it can be edited.
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