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Can I hide cancelled appointments in my diary?

If you'd like to hide appointments that have a status that means the client is not attending in your diary, you can use the "hide non-attending filter" to remove these from your view.

You can find this filter within the gray bar down the left side of your diary screen:

On a laptop or desktop computer, hover your mouse anywhere over the grey bar (or on a tablet or mobile tap anywhere on the bar) to open it. Below your resources, you'll see an Additional filter, containing the Hide non-attending option:

Tick this, and appointments that have a status containing the setting "Does it mean the Client is attending?" as no, will be hidden on your diary view.

If appointments are hidden that you aren't expecting to be, please check the status allocated to that appointment. Any appointments with a status that has "Does it mean the Client is attending?" set as "no" will be hidden. You can check the settings for a status by going to Settings -> Scheduling -> Appointment Statuses

Hiding (or un-hiding!) non-attending appointments will be applied to all of the diary views (day, week and list view) at the same time, and to both client and non-client appointments. It's a user-specific setting, so if you have multiple users on your account, each person can choose if they want to see non-attending appointments using the filter on their diary.

Appointments will remain listed on the client summary, this setting simply hides them from view to make navigating your diary and seeing available spaces a little easier. And, if you want to view these appointments in the diary again, just untick the hide non-attending option!

Updated on: 10/01/2023

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