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Guide to Locations

For those users that have practices in multiple locations, you can manage these in WriteUpp for you, your colleagues and your clients to book Appointments in the right place.

Setting up Locations

To set up Locations:

Go to Settings and select the "Organisation" tab.

In the "Your Organisation" section, you should see a tickbox entitled "Enable Multiple Locations", which should be unticked. Tick it and you will see a section called "Locations" appear below.

One will already be added for you based on the details specified in the "Your Organisation" section. This will also be set to the "Default" location.

To add a new Location, click on the "Add Location" button and you will be taken to the Create New Location page.

Enter the Name, Address, Postcode and Phone Number for the Location. If this is to be the Default location that Appointments are booked into, tick the checkbox.

Once you are done, click "Save".

Repeat this process if you want multiple locations.

Adding Locations to Appointment Types

If you intend to use online booking with multiple Locations, you will need to reconcile these Locations to different Appointment Types. This will allow you to specify what types of Appointment can take place in what Location, as this may differ. By default, all Appointment Types are available in all Locations.

To modify this:

Go to Settings and select the "Scheduling" tab.

Select the Appointment Type you want to modify by clicking on the "Edit.." link next to it.

You will see a field that says "Available in ALL Locations". Click the "Edit..." link next to it and the Locations section will appear below.

From here you can select the Locations where the Appointment can take place.

Once you are done, click "Save".

Setting up the Timetable

You can set up a Timetable for each user that specifies exactly what Location they are working in and when. To do this:

Open up the left-hand menu and select "Timetable".

In the Timetable, the grey sections indicate your non-available time as determined by the individual Settings. The white sections indicate available time that you can specify your Locations for. You can navigate backwards and forwards using the navigation buttons and the mini-calendar.

To schedule Locations, click on a green section and the "New Timetable Entry" window will slide in from the left.

Select a Location from the drop-down list, and a time that you will be at the Location From and To.

If you are going to be in the same Location over multiple days, you can select either Daily, Weekly or Monthly from the "Recurrence" drop-down list. Then select a date this will occur until in the "Repeat until" field.

Once you are done, click "Save".

This will result in the Location appearing as a block in the Timetable. You can drag and drop these as you wish, and click on them to bring back in the slider to edit them. You can also Delete them this way.

Repeat this process until you have Timetabled-out your availability. You can also do this for other users in your Practice by selecting their name from the drop-down list at the top-left hand side.

Adding Locations to Appointments

When you book Appointments into your Diary, they will not automatically be assigned to your default Location. If you want to change this, you will see a "Location" drop-down list has been added to the Appointment slider. From here you can select another Location.

This Location will appear in the Appointment Summary for Patients and also in the Activity Report.

Your locations will appear in your diary like this:

You can remind yourself what colour corresponds to which location by accessing the panel on the left of the screen:

Updated on: 06/07/2022

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