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How do I change my hours and view in the Diary?

To edit your diary settings and working hours, head to Settings -> My Settings.

Diary Settings

These are the settings that determine how your Diary looks:

Diary Increments: Determines how many slots you see in your Diary. For example, if you set this to '15 Minute' increments, each hour in the diary would be split into 4 slots
Default Diary View: Your Default View of the Diary - select from Day, Week or List view
First Day of Week: Specify which day of the week your diary starts on
Show Saturday in Diary: Gives you a 6-day week view
Show Whole Weekend in Diary: Gives you a 7-day week view
Colour of non-working hours & breaks: The colour of your non-working hours and breaks
Show full colour appointment blocks: The choice to have appointments shown in blocks of colour or with a coloured border

Working Hours

These are your working hours, i.e. the hours that you wish to see Patients between. You can set different working hours for each day of the week.

If you work on that day, make sure it is ticked and then specify the hours:

Start: Allows you to pick a start time for seeing patients (Monday - Sunday)
End: Allows you to pick an end time for seeing patients (Monday - Sunday)

Any days/times you are not working will NOT appear in availability searches, either from Create -> Appointment or your Online Booking website


This allows you to specify a recurring break or breaks across all working days. To do this:

Click the Breaks link below Working Hours and click + Add Break:

Enter a Start and End time for the break (the correct format is hh:mm. For example, 1pm must be written as 13:00):

Click Save Break

Your break will then be saved:

Once you have finished making changes, be sure to click Save at the bottom of the page. Your Diary view will then be updated.

These setting are personal to each user, so if you have multiple users on your WriteUpp account, they may choose to have different diary settings and/or working hours

Updated on: 28/02/2024

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