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How do I change my hours and view in the Diary?

A number of default settings have been put into place for your Diary view which determines the times you can see. To change these go to Settings -> My Settings.

Diary Settings

These are the settings that determine what you see in your Diary:

Diary Increments: Determines how many slots you see in your Diary, so if you set it to '15 Minute' increments, each hour in the diary would be split into 4 slots
Default Diary View: Your Default View of the Diary - can be either a Day View, Week View or List View
Show Saturday in Diary: Gives you a 6-day week view
Show Whole Weekend in Diary: Gives you a 7-day week view
The colour of your non-working hours and breaks
The choice to have appointments shown in blocks of colour or with a coloured border

Working Hours

These are the hours that you wish to see Patients and can differ from day to day:

Start: Allows you to pick a different start time to see Patients Monday - Sunday
End: Allows you to pick a different end time to see Patients Monday - Sunday


This allows you to specify a recurring break or breaks across all working days. To do this:

Click + Add Break:

Enter a Name

Enter a Start and End time for the break

Click Save Break

Your break will now be saved

Once you have made any changes to this configuration, click Save at the bottom of the page and your Diary view will be changed.

These setting are personal, so if you have multiple users of WriteUpp, they may have a different configuration

Updated on: 06/07/2022

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