If you need to make a change to an appointment that has been invoiced and marked as paid, this is possible but please bear in mind that the invoice will contain the original appointment date.  The new date will not pull through to the invoice. 

This creates a discrepancy between what's on the invoice and what's in your diary and HMRC would be likely to take a dim view of your record keeping.

Example: HMRC audit your invoices and do a simple x-check between the appointments listed on one of your invoice and your diary. A difference between what's on the invoice and your diary will give cause for concern at the very least and may prolong your audit - not something you want, rest assured!

Its entirely up to you how you deal with this situation, should it arise, but a possible solution to ensure that there are no discrepancies is to remove the payment from the original invoice, then delete it, create a new invoice for the new appointment and mark it as paid.
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