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Can I search for a patient's address?

When entering a patient's address in the Patient Summary,  you have the option to use the Address Lookup box to find the address:

This box uses a free Google service, and isn't guaranteed to find absolutely every address, but should help in most cases.

It isn't a postcode lookup, so to use it, just start typing your patient's address into the box:

The first time you use Address Lookup in a browser, you can choose to localise the results to increase your chances of finding the right address.  Tick the 'Localise Results' box under the Address Lookup before you get going:

Then allow your browser to access your location to narrow your search results.  You will only need to do this once per browser; if you choose to localise your results the browser will remember this. Some examples of what you might see below:



Choosing to localise results will bring up addresses closer to your location.  You can see below that the list of results has changed and the Australia addresses have been removed:

Once you've found the address, select it from the list, and the address fields will populate:

Updated on: 16/05/2023

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