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Can I search for a patient's address?

When entering a patient's address in the Patient Summary,  you have the option to use the Address Lookup box to find the full address:

This box uses a free Google service, and isn't guaranteed to find absolutely every address, but should help in most situations.

It isn't a postcode lookup, so to use it, just start typing your patient's address into the box:

The first time you use Address Lookup in a browser, you can choose to localise the results to increase your chances of finding the right address.  Tick the 'Localise Results' box under the Address Lookup before you get going:

Then allow your browser to access your location to narrow your search results.  You will only need to do this once per browser; if you choose to localise your results the browser will remember this. Some examples of what you might see below:



Internet Explorer:

Choosing to localise results will then bring up addresses closer to your location.  You can see below that the list of results has changed and the Australia addresses have been removed:

Once you've found the address, select it from the list, and the address fields will populate:

Updated on: 21/06/2022

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