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How do you attach or upload files to a client record?

As well as creating documentation like notes and assessments for a client, you also have the option to upload files to their record. Perhaps you've got a referral letter for them that you'd like to attach, or notes that relate to a previous episode of care.

You can upload as many files for a client as you'd like. There is no limit placed on the number of files that you can have within WriteUpp, but the maximum size of an individual file that can be uploaded is 16MB.

You can select up a 10 files at a time from your device to be uploaded. Once you've chosen them, they'll start uploading automatically for you, and you'll be able to add a description and keyword for each one. You can also select the visibility preference for each individual upload, using the 'visible to me' checkbox.

When choosing files to upload, you’ll need to hold down the shift or cmd keys on your keyboard (depending on your operating system) to be able to select multiple files. When using most newer smartphones or tablets, you should also be able to select multiple files from your device. If you have any problems doing this, please do get in touch and let us know what device you are using and we will try our best to help!

To upload files to a client record:

Click on Create -> Attachment

Click on Select files to upload

If you click on Select files to upload and nothing happens, you can also click on Having problems with our uploader? to reveal the default browser uploader. If that also doesn't work, please check if your browser needs to be updated to the latest version!

Select the file(s) that you'd like to upload from your device

Once your files are selected, they'll automatically start to upload to the client record. While this is happening, you'll see them listed on screen in WriteUpp and be able to:
Enter an optional description for the attachment (the file name will be the name of the file as saved on your device)
Select a keyword to help categorise it. You can read more on keywords and how to customise these here
Define whether it should be visible to you only (and any users with the role of Site Administrator)
Identify whether it's a file you've added password protection to (if you don't know, WriteUpp will work this out once it's uploaded and opened)

If you need to remove a file for any reason while you're on this screen, you can click on Remove file to do this. You'll see confirmation once this is done:

If you select any files that can't be uploaded, if for example they are too large or an unsupported file type, this will be displayed on screen in one of two ways:

If you're uploading just one file, the file won't upload and you'll see a red message across your screen:

If you're uploading multiple files, anything that hasn't been uploaded will still be listed with the reason for the failure stated below:

A list of supported file types can be found here

If you've selected less than 10 files to upload, you'll be able to attach more files from this screen by clicking on Add more files. You'll also see the option to add a link to an external file or folder underneath. If you don’t see the add more files option, then you’ve already selected 10. Just head back to Create -> Attachment to upload more!

You can also use the WriteUpp app to upload images from the gallery or camera on your mobile device, which you can read more about here. Other file types cannot be uploaded using the app but you can log into WriteUpp on the browser of your mobile or tablet and follow the steps above if you have files on your device to upload!

Updated on: 26/06/2023

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