You can scan documents and then attach them easily to a client record in WriteUpp.

As WriteUpp is a cloud-based application we can't interact directly with devices on your computer, such as an external scanner, but nonetheless its still very straightforward:

To physically scan the document we recommend using an app such as CamScanner on your phone or tablet. With this you can scan any referral letters/notes/documents and email yourself a PDF of the document.

If you want to download CamScanner please use the links below:

For iOS: CamScanner Free| PDF Document Scanner and OCR on the App Store
For Android: CamScanner HD - Scanner, Fax – Android Apps on Google Play

Then just download the file from your Inbox and attach it to the client record by selecting the appropriate client and then clicking on Create -> Attachment:

Once uploaded the attachment can be found in the Patient Summary under the Files tab:

Alternatively, if you have already scanned all of your notes and have them saved as files or folders within an external storage source like Google Drive, OneDrive or DropBox, you can add a link to these files within WriteUpp by following the steps detailed here.
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