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How do I add Third Parties?

Administrators have the option to create Third Parties, such as consultants, insurers and schools which can be added to the Patient Summary. To do this:

Go to Settings -> Third Parties

Click on the "Add Third Party Organisation" button at the bottom of the page

Select the Third Party type from the "Type" drop-down list - you have the default option of Insurer, School, GP, Specialist/Consultant, Care Worker or Equipment Supplier

If you'd like to add another Third Party type click the "Click here to add more types button" from below the drop down

Fill out the Organisation and Contact Name (these are mandatory)

Fill out any additional optional information such as Address, Postcode, City,  Phone, Fax, Email, Website and CCG

Click "Save" at the bottom of the page

You can modify or delete any of these Third Parties at any time by clicking "Edit" next to their entry in the Third Parties tab. You can also view all Third Parties of a specific type by selecting it from the "Type" drop-down list, or search for any entries in the "Search" field.

Updated on: 21/06/2022

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