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Can I see the status of a Smart Form sent to a client?

Once a Smart Form is sent to a client, an entry will be made for it in the Forms/Assessments tab of the Client Summary to allow you to track the progress of the form through to completion.

Once a form has been sent, it will be listed in the Forms/Assessments tab with a status of Sent. This means the message has been sent to the client, but they haven't started completing it yet:

Once a client has opened a form and has started entering information, you will see the status change to Autosaved (WARNING: this only applies if you have used an access code for the form). This means that the autosave functionality, which kicks in when a client is entering information into a form, has picked up content and is saving it as they go:

If a Smart Form is sent without an access code, then autosave will NOT be present when the recipient is completing the form. This is for security reasons. This means that any progress the recipient makes will not be saved as they go, and the form will remain with the status of "Sent" on the Forms/Assessments tab until is been saved.

Once a client has completed their form and saved it online, you will see the status change to Draft, and be able to open it and view the information they have provided:

If a client reports that they have returned a Smart Form but you haven't received notification of this, then please check the information displayed here in the status column. If a form status is 'Autosaved', the client should be able to click on the link in their email again, enter the same access code they previously received, access the autosaved information and save it to return it to you.

If the form status remains as Sent and you have not used an access code, the client will have to click on the link in their email and complete the form again, because autosave is not present on forms with no access code.

We would recommend using either SMS or Email access codes when sending Smart Forms, to take advantage of the autosave functionality when forms are being completed.

Updated on: 29/02/2024

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