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Copying a CloudRx prescription

The CloudRx integration via WriteUpp does not include the ability to generate an order as a repeat prescription, so to make it easy to prescribe the same items again, you'll find a copy icon at the bottom of a saved order:

Clicking on this icon will take the patient and item information entered into the prescription and copy it over to a new form.

Prescriptions can only be created, viewed or copied when logged into WriteUpp using the browser on your device, they aren't supported on the WriteUpp app

You'll then be able to make any necessary changes to the items by adjusting the quantity or adding/removing medications, before sending a new order for the patient. If you don't need to make any changes, you can simply click on Send Order to order again.

If you copy a prescription that was originally sent by another user, we'll update the prescriber details to your own to correctly record the details of the new order

While copying the items, we'll check the stock status of each one and if anything is currently out of stock, it will be removed from the order and we'll display a message above the grid to let you know:

Once the copied order is sent, you'll see it listed in the Files tab as usual, and be able to track the status by opening it.

Updated on: 23/02/2023

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