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Introduction to CloudRx

CloudRx is a digital prescribing service that allows you to create and send electronic prescriptions to the established, fully registered CloudRx pharmacy. Based in England, prescriptions are then dispensed and dispatched anywhere in the UK and Channel Islands by highly trained technicians.

And even better, by using the WriteUpp and CloudRx integration, you can generate prescriptions without leaving the patient summary! With information on the status of the prescription returned back to WriteUpp and a copy of what was ordered retained for your records, patients pay online and receive fast, flexible home delivery of their medication.

To use CloudRx via WriteUpp, you should first of all be registered with CloudRx as a prescriber. If you aren't registered, you can start that process here.

Please note: you can only register for CloudRx and use this integration if you are a registered prescriber in the UK, and medications can only be dispensed to addresses in the UK and Channel Islands

Setting up the integration

The first thing you'll need to do is enable CloudRx for your WriteUpp account, which can be done by a site administrator. You can follow the steps to enabling CloudRx here.

Once CloudRx is enabled, all users regardless of their role will then be able to enter their own prescriber details: Entering CloudRx Prescriber details.

Each user who can prescribe should enter their own details under their own login as these need to be sent with the order to CloudRx.

Generating CloudRx Prescriptions

Once prescriber information has been added by a user, they'll then be able to generate new CloudRx prescriptions for patients, which is covered in more detail in this article here.

Once a prescription has been sent from WriteUpp, a copy of the order will be saved to the Files tab of the patient summary, allowing existing orders to be viewed after they've been sent. You'll be able to see the status of the order on the saved form and even receive dispatch dates and a tracking ID, or a cancellation reason if the patient cancels the order. Everything you need to know about viewing an existing CloudRx prescription is covered here.

We've also added the ability to copy a CloudRx prescription, making the process of generating a repeat order really easy. While it's not possible to set up a prescription as a repeat prescription through the integration, copying the previous order will use the same details and allow you to add additional items or remove anything not required before sending it again.

CloudRx FAQs

Anything else you'd like to find out? Check out our frequently asked questions for some further information! You can also find CloudRx common questions and answers here.

Updated on: 23/02/2023

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