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Creating a new CloudRx prescription

Once CloudRx has been enabled on your account and you've entered your prescriber details under Integrations & Add Ons, you'll be able to generate a prescription for a patient.

To do this, click on the down arrow to the right of the active patient button and choose Generate Prescription:

Prescriptions can only be created when logged into WriteUpp using the browser on your device, they aren't supported on the WriteUpp app

This then opens the prescription form that will contain information on the prescriber, the patient and the items on the order. Mandatory fields are marked with *, a prescription cannot be submitted until all required fields have been completed and at least one medication has been added.

Under Prescription Information you'll see the option to set the prescription as visible to yourself (and site administrators) only and pre populated information to cover:
Date - the current date
WriteUpp order ID - a generated ID number for the order
Prescriber - the name entered under Integrations & Add Ons for the logged in user
Registration number - the registration number entered under Integrations & Add Ons for the logged in user
Clinic code - the clinic code entered by a site administrator

In addition to these details, we also need to send CloudRx the name, address and postcode of the clinic. This information is taken from Settings -> Organisation so please make sure this information is completed!

You'll then need to enter information about the patient that the prescription is for. We'll pull through as much information as we can from the patient summary for you, but you'll need to populate any missing information, particularly anything marked as mandatory. This covers:

Patient details
Patient ID - the patients WriteUpp ID number (their WUID)
First name - pre populated from the patient summary
Surname - pre populated from the patient summary
Date of birth - populated if present on the patient summary
Title - title to be selected from a predefined dropdown list, populated if present on the patient summary
Gender - gender to be selected from a predefined dropdown list, populated if present on the patient summary

Please note that title and gender are selected from a predefined list from CloudRx, we cannot change or provide additional options in these fields. Title and gender will be pre-populated for you if the title or gender entered on the patient summary exactly matches one of the relevant title/gender options provided by CloudRx.

Contact information
Mobile number - populated if present on the patient summary
Email address - populated if present on the patient summary

Address and delivery method
Address 1 - populated from the first line of the home address field on the patient summary, if present
Address 2 - populated from the second line of the home address field on the patient summary, if present
City - populated from the home city field on the patient summary, if present
Postcode - populated from the home postcode field on the patient summary, if present
Delivery method - how the prescription should be delivered by CloudRx. The patient will have the option to change this when paying
The individual address fields are limited to 35 characters each when information is sent to CloudRx. If for example you have all address details entered on one line of the home address field, you may see information cut off if it has been pre-entered for you from the patient summary. You'll need to manually correct it on the prescription form

Next you'll be able to search the CloudRx inventory for items to add to the prescription. The search field will look for items which contain the text you enter, with at least 4 characters required to begin searching. Once you've entered 4 characters, the search will dynamically update if you continue to enter a search term:

While retrieving the product information, we'll also bring back the cost price of each item and check if CloudRx have it in stock. Any items which are out of stock will be displayed as such in the list and you won't be able to select them:

If you can't find the medication you wish to prescribe, it won't currently be available through CloudRx. New medicines are continually being added so if you can't find something you regularly use, please contract CloudRx to discuss the possibility of it being added to their inventory

The current minimum prescription charge is £9.35 per item. This means that each item on the prescription will come to no less that £9.35. The price returned in the search is the cost price, so due to the minimum prescription fee, you might see a different cost displayed on the order once something is selected and a quantity added. The cost displayed under "Your order" once an item is selected is what will be charged to the patient

To select an item to add to the prescription, click on it from the search list. You'll then see it added to your order at the bottom of the page:

You can repeat the search to add as many items as you require to the order.

Dose instructions must be provided for each item, at a minimum of 4 characters, and a quantity entered. The quantity relates to the number of whole packs, as medication is dispensed as whole packs only. Items can be removed by clicking on the bin icon at the end of a line.

You'll see the cost for the medication totalled below the order grid, but please note that this won't include the delivery charge. The current delivery charges can be found here, which will be displayed to the patient when they make payment.

If you click on Send order and any mandatory information is missing from the screen, you'll see messages under the relevant fields:

Once all of the necessary information has been added, clicking on Send order will submit the order to CloudRx to be processed. If any problems are detected when the order is submitted, you'll see a red message on screen to advise:

If the order is successfully submitted, you'll be taken to the Files tab of the client summary and see a message to confirm it. You'll also see an entry for the prescription on screen, identified with the pharmacy order number:

Updated on: 19/09/2023

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