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Viewing an existing CloudRx prescription

Once a prescription has been created and sent to CloudRx, a copy of the order will be saved to the Files tab of the Patient Summary.

Prescriptions can only be viewed when logged into WriteUpp using the browser on your device, they aren't supported on the WriteUpp app

You'll see it listed with the pharmacy order number under Name and the Type Attachment - CloudRx Prescription. The status column will also contain the status as returned by CloudRx:

Clicking on the name will open a copy of the order. You'll see the prescription information, the patient details, the items that were included on the order and an additional Order status section on this view. This will contain:
Pharmacy order ID - the order ID from CloudRx
Status - the status of the order returned by CloudRx
Dispatch date - the date the order was sent by CloudRx, if available
Tracking ID - the tracking ID of the order, if available
Cancellation reason - if applicable, information relating to the cancellation of the order

The possible statuses are:

Waiting Payment Success - the order is awaiting payment by the patient
Payment Failed - payment has been attempted but there has been an issue or it has failed. The order will not progress further until a successful payment is made.
Waiting Clinical Check - waiting for a pharmacist to check the prescription before it is fulfilled
Prescription at Pharmacy - the prescription has been approved by a pharmacist, waiting to be picked
Prescription Dispatched - the order has been sent to the courier for delivery to the patient
Prescription Processed - the prescription has been sent out by the courier service
Cancelled - the order is cancelled by pharmacist.

Once sent, orders cannot be cancelled from WriteUpp. if either you or the patient wish to cancel an order, please contact CloudRx directly. You can find the pharmacy order number near the top of the saved order.

Each time you open the order, we'll send a request to CloudRx for an update on the order status and update the relevant fields with the latest information received back.

You'll also see the usual set of icons at the bottom of the screen.
Make private/Make public - the lock icon controls the visibility of the saved order. If the lock is closed, this means the prescription is visible to you (and site administrators) only, and clicking on it will make it public, ie visible to all. If the lock is open, the prescription is currently visible to everyone and clicking on it will make it private, ie visible to you (and site administrators) only.
Email - clicking on this will take you to the email screen with the order information attached as a PDF. From here you'll be able to email a copy of the order to a contact.
Direct message - this allows you to send a copy of the order as a PDF to a contact.
Download - downloads a copy of the order information as a PDF.
Copy - allows you to create a copy of the prescription to submit a new order. You can read more about how to do this here.
Delete - deletes the record of the prescription from within WriteUpp, but will not cancel the order with the pharmacy. You won't receive any updates back on the status of the order and will no longer see it listed on the Files tab of the patient summary.

The PDF generated when emailing, direct messaging or downloading the order information is a simple text based PDF designed to simply record what was ordered and when. It cannot be used as a prescription form in this format, as the order from WriteUpp is submitted electronically. The same PDF will also be included in an access request for a patient, ensuring the information is retained within their file.

Updated on: 23/02/2023

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