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Copying fields within the form builder

When you are building form templates using the form builder, you have the option to "import" and use fields from another of your custom forms. This allows you to quickly copy fields you've already created and reuse them in other templates. This can be a great timesaver if you have similar fields that you use across multiple forms.

Fields can only be imported from custom forms, and only once a form has been published. If you are creating a new form and click on Import, you won't see the template you are currently building listed as an option.

To reuse fields from the same form, you can publish the form by clicking on Publish & Exit, then click on the 3 dots at the end of the row and choose Edit to reopen the template. You can then choose import and select the current template and it's fields as an option.

To copy a field from another form:

Click on Add New Field +

Under Select a Field Type, choose Import:

Choose which of your custom forms you'd like to import from:

You'll then see a list of the fields within the selected form displayed:

Click on the line containing the field you'd like to import.

The selected field will then be added to your form template:

Make any changes that are required and click on Finish Editing to save the field to your form.

Steps 1 - 5 can then be repeated to reuse any other fields from your custom assessment templates

Finish building your form using the available options, making sure to choose Publish & Exit to publish your form for use with your clients once it is complete

If you choose to import a smart field from another form, and the chosen field already exists in the template, this will be prevented and you'll see a message on screen:

Smart fields can only exist once in a form to prevent a conflict of information when importing to the client summary.

Updated on: 29/07/2022

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