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Creating a confirmation for a video consultation booked via Online Booking

If you use online booking and you'd like to allow your clients to book their own video consultations via your select+book site, you'll need to set up a separate confirmation to be sent when a video consultation is booked via this pathway.

As with an appointment you book yourself within WriteUpp, this confirmation allows you to confirm the details of the appointment and automatically provide your client with their secure video access link. Confirmations of online bookings are handled separately to those appointments you book yourself to allow you to provide additional information should you wish to do so.

You have the option to use the default video consultation confirmation template when confirming a video online booking, for both SMS and email. You can of course modify this template to suit your needs, or create your own template to use if there is additional information you'd like to include for an online booking. You can see the content of the default templates listed here for SMS and here for email.

To set up a confirmation of a video consultation booked via online booking:

Go to Main Menu -> Settings -> Scheduling -> Appointment Communication:

Click on New Trigger at the bottom of the screen

Use the dropdown boxes to create your communication trigger, then Save:

Method - Would you like to inform them via SMS or email?
Message template - What message would you like to sent to confirm their video appointment?
Trigger event - Video booking - Online booking
If type is - Would you like the message to be sent for only a particular video appointment type?

You'll see the new communication trigger added to the list

Once this is set up, when a client books a video consultation via online booking, the specified message will be sent.

Updated on: 17/06/2022

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