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Customising Gender options

The options available to you within the Gender dropdown on the Client Summary can be customised by a Site Administrator within Main Menu -> Fields -> Gender Fields:

New gender options can be added via the +Add button at the top of the list, or existing options can be edited by clicking on the pencil icon at the end of a row.

When editing an option, you'll be able to make changes to the name and also choose if it is active or inactive using the box here:

Inactive options won't appear as a choice within the Gender dropdown on the Client Summary, or within the Gender smart field. They will remain linked to any clients who already have them selected, but if you edit the details on the Client Summary, the gender dropdown will revert to being blank.

If you edit the name of a gender option, this will also update any clients who already had that option selected

Note: Male and Female have been "Locked" and cannot be edited or deleted. This is to ensure there are always default options available within this field on the Client Summary. If you do not need or want to record the gender of your clients, this field can be left blank on the Client Summary.

Healthcode users
If you use Healthcode, the only gender options that Healthcode will accept as part of a submission are male or female. This means that if you submit an invoice for a client whose gender is recorded as something other than male or female, you will need to choose one of these on the Healthcode link screen to be able to submit the invoice. This is unfortunately out of our control. Changing the gender to male or female for the purposes of submitting an invoice to Healthcode will not then update the gender on the Client Summary to ensure the recorded gender is retained.

Updated on: 22/06/2023

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