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Do you have a recommended invoice footer for use with Stripe?

You can determine what appears on the footer of your invoices in Settings -> Invoice -> Layout, under Invoice Footer. To take payment via Stripe, you'll need to include either the Pay Link or Pay Button within your invoice footer, which can be accessed using the VAR dropdown.

When using Stripe to take payment, you could add something like: 


Online payment is preferred:


Alternatively, please pay via BACS, as below:

Account Name: Your Practice
Sort Code: 00-00-00
Account Number: 12345678

Payment terms are strictly 30 days


which would appear on your invoices like this:

Stripe is our payment provider for non-UK based sites. If you're based in the UK, our payment partner is Square, which you can find more about here. If you are a UK business and you would like to use Stripe, please contact us and request that it is enabled on your account.

Updated on: 09/08/2022

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