When your clients pay via Stripe, the money will be transferred into your Stripe account. To transfer the money from here to your bank account you need to specify when Stripe makes "payouts".

Automatic Payouts

Within Stripe the default setting is pre-generated payout schedule which is based upon your geographical location and industry, for most of you, this will be a 7-day rolling schedule. This means that it will take 7 days from funds being received (ie. your customer paying via the Stripe button in your invoice) to the funds being automatically paid out into your bank account. The Stripe article written below explains this in greater depth: 

Stripe - Receiving Payments (Payment Scheduling)

Manual Payouts

If you'd like to manually withdraw funds from your Stripe account you can switch off automatic payments via the Stripe Dashboard. This will allow you to manually send funds from your Stripe account to your bank account. The below article explains exactly how to do so:

Stripe - Receiving Payments (Manual Payouts)
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