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8 Reasons why you should take online payments using Stripe!

Stripe is the simplest and most cost-effective way to accept payments online. Unlike other payment providers  Stripe was built from the ground up to enable online businesses (like WriteUpp) to integrate payment directly into our software.

In many cases you might not even know that you’re transacting through Stripe but they have a long list of very popular clients and partners, including ASOS, LUSH, British Heart Foundation, OpenTable, Fender, Spotify and many more!

Here’s 8 solid reasons why you should take online payments in WriteUpp using Stripe:

1. You’ll get paid faster!

Even if there were no more reasons then this would be enough! And in true WriteUpp style, it is super to integrate your WriteUpp account with Stripe so that you can get your money faster!
Read how to connect Stripe to your WriteUpp account here

2. You’ll reduce DNA’s

You can enable WriteUpp & Stripe to take payment for an appointment at the time of booking. I think you’ll agree, fewer people are going to miss an appointment that they have already paid for!
This article will show you how to set this up:

How do I take pre-payments via Online Booking? 

3. You can take payments in clinic

In the age of Apple and Tap payments people want to pay their bills then and there. They don’t want to have to wait for an invoice and then have to ring you to settle their bill. Who has time for that?! Read how to take payments from your clients whilst they are with you here

4. You’ll have extra peace of mind

WriteUpp is a Stripe verified partner which gives our clients extra peace of mind when we’re facilitating payment on their behalf through WriteUpp. We’re delighted to have met Stripe’s exacting standards and to be working with the world’s fastest growing payment processor.

5. You’ll slash the amount of time you spend on invoicing

Another automated step to reduce time zapping admin! When your client pays via Stripe, the invoice will automatically change from “Not Paid” to “Paid via Stripe” and the name and address of the cardholder will be added to the comment section in case they’re different from your client.

6. You’ll automatically get notified of payments

No need to worry about having to go and check for payments! WriteUpp will let you know with a handy notification:

7. You can take part payments via Stripe

Did your client book a follow up appointment whilst in clinic? Perhaps you’re worried they won’t show up! Why not take a part payment for the appointment to reducing the likelihood of this!

8. You make it super easy for your clients by providing them with a “Pay Invoice” button

If your clients are anything like me, the last thing they want to do is pick up the phone to pay an invoice! So why not give them the option to pay online via a “Pay Invoice” button! Not sure what to put on there? This article will give you a bit of advice:

Do you have a recommended invoice footer for use with Stripe?

Updated on: 09/08/2022

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