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How are refunds handled in Stripe?

Refunding a Stripe payment should be handled in the Stripe dashboard, it can't be initiated from WriteUpp.

To refund a charge via your Stripe Dashboard:

Find the charge to be refunded in the payments overview page.

Click the icon to the right of the charge and select Refund payment from the menu that appears.

By default you will issue a full refund. For a partial refund, enter a different amount to be refunded.

Select a reason for the refund. If you select Other, you must provide an explanatory note that is attached to the refund.

Click Refund.

Refunds from Stripe are not reflected in WriteUpp, you would need to manually update the paid invoice to reflect this. Once you have removed the payment information, you can delete the invoice.

Please keep in mind that Stripe is a separate product to WriteUpp. As such if you need any more assistance you should contact Stripe.

Updated on: 09/08/2022

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