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Enabling Physitrack

This article will take site administrators through how to enable the Physitrack integration on a WriteUpp site. Once this is done, each user in the site will need to connect their own WriteUpp login to their Physitrack login

Before you connect to Physitrack, you'll need to set up a Physitrack account, if you don't already have one. To do this, head over to Physitrack and start your free trial now, where you'll receive a discount as a WriteUpp user.

If you're already a WriteUpp user, you'll also be able to apply a discount to your Physitrack account going forward! Just add your affiliation to WriteUpp within your Physitrack account practice information and the discount code UK-WRITEUPP-GBP

To enable the Physitrack integration:

Login to your Physitrack account and copy your Physitrack URL. Don't include anything that appears after ".com/", but make sure you include everything up to and including the forward slash:

Login to WriteUpp, open the Main Menu and choose Integrations & Add Ons

Go to the Physitrack section and click on Configure

Paste the URL associated with your Physitrack account (from Step 1) into the field displayed and click on Save

IMPORTANT: Having completed this one-time step each clinician will be need to connect their WriteUpp account with their Physitrack account using the API key shown in Step 4. Each clinician will have their own API key, found within the Physitrack section of the Integrations & Add Ons menu. You can read about how to do this here!

Updated on: 25/08/2022

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